About Us


Always Care and Never Compromise

We create best-in-class wellness supplements that fit the needs of all dogs. We will always make sure that our products are top grade and free of nasties: no fillers, no artificial preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial flavouring and no sugar. Simply put, we will never compromise on quality.


Improve the well-being of pets through innovation

We are working paw-in-paw with pet experts and dog lovers to develop premium formulas that have a positive impact on the health and wellness of pets (and we started with dogs).

We’ve made it our mission to innovate by bringing new ingredients, new formats, and new sustainable packaging to caring pet parents.


Shared Values & Ethics

All our partners are local family-owned businesses based in the UK. Just like us they work for and believe in quality, kindness and respect – for people & pets, and the planet we share.


Kindness & Attention to Details

As a responsible business, we try to be as sustainable as we can. We manufacturer locally, our sticks are recyclable and so is our outer packaging.

And we are always on the look for new materials that are kinder to our planet, the living-being ecosystem and of course, our furry friends!